Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My dog will bite you!

Ok. Well, maybe not so much with that. One of our illustrious K-9 officers sent his dog after a male subject with felony warrants, who ran from an injury accident after driving drunk. Excuse me, he was "allegedly" drunk. (Happy now Sarge?) When said K-9 found said alleged law breaker, he grabbed him by the neck. As my favorite patrol deputy said, "It wasn't so much a bite, more he gummed him half to death." Perhaps it's time for Kujo and his partner to retire; this isn't the first time the dog has not produced the desired result.
Said alleged law breaker was brought to our facility for "safekeeping." Upon arrival I had the following wonderful conversation with the deputy.
"So did the dog bite him?"
"He's fine." (Said through clenched teeth)
"Uh, ok. That doesn't answer my question."
"Look, he was checked by the medics and he refused. You can check him again if you want."
"Ok. So . . . did the dog bite him?"
"NO. It's more of a series of scrapes. OK?!"

Ok. Don't get me wrong, I love K-9s. Eventually I would like to be a handler with a dog. But your dog is only as good as you train him to be. Lazy handler = lazy dog.

A bit of explanation on the title of this post. It comes from some random episode of COPS. My dad and I live in different parts of the state, but we both watch COPS. He called me one night after this episode and said the best part was the guy yelling "My dog will bite you!!" Ever since then that phrase has shown up in voicemails, emails and random places. So that title's for you dad.

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