Friday, March 5, 2010

Can't have it . . . not yours

So let me just say there is nothing I love more than driving almost an hour for a warrant transport only to discover the arresting agency won't let me have the prisoner due to a paperwork error. Yes. This is how my "Monday" at work started. I felt like yelling really loudly "YOU called ME." (I did not, I let my Lt. yell at them.)
The day continued to be awesome when on the way back to my HQ a guy runs a red light and causes a wreck directly in front of me. Awesome. Here's to keeping the peace and directing traffic in the rain while waiting for the locals to show up.
You know what made this completely better upon arrival back at work? Wrestling a guy covered in mace out of the back of a cruiser . . . so much for my clean uniform.
Can I go home and start over?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bring in the cot . . . and apparently the spinal immobilization devices

During one of those nights at work where you swear the clock has gone backwards at least twice, I get this call from my control room officer. "Uh, can you go back into the infirmary? I'm pretty sure they have a problem back there." Not good.

I find one of our jail medics with a female having a possible stroke. After notifying one of the on-duty supervisors and the control room we prepare for transport to the hospital. Five minutes later the supervisor calls me on the radio. "Can you bring her down to receiving?"
"Uh. No."
"Do you need the fire department to bring you anything?"

"A cot would be nice."

They arrive. With splints and a c-collar.
"Do you guys know something we don't know?"
"What do you mean?"
"This is a possible stroke."
"Yeah, your Sgt. definitely just told us we needed to bring the c-collar."
"No. The cot. Cot, c-collar, similar but no."

Sometimes I think I'm talking to myself at work . . .