Friday, September 11, 2009

I remember . . . Never Forget

This morning as I enjoy the quiet darkness of my neighborhood, I only ask one thing of you today. To say a prayer for those who we lost, those who survive and those who are serving.

The FDNY's 343, the men and women of the NYPD and PAPD. The countless emergency service workers who served at Ground Zero, the Pentagon and in that Pennsylvania field.

Your men and women of the armed services who fight for our country. Those who have come home, those who will never come home. KIA, MIA, POW, you are not forgotten.

For those who wear memorial bracelets, and permanent scars on their hearts.

"Let's raise a glass to those that have passed / Raise them for the finest that we knew / Going Home's been played / And the pipes all put away / Let's hear it for the boys and girls in blue"
- The Moonshiners, Boys and Girls in Blue

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love bacon . . . and could you pass the butter?

Recently, and by this I mean approximately three hours ago; my best friend in intake and I came to a realization. We love bacon. Eggs, grits, coffee with or without cream and sugar, pancakes and butter. Apparently we have an addiction to breakfast food. I mentioned this before in my post titled Bacon and Doughnuts. Now, however I have recruited more people to my side of thinking. Pass the sugar, its been a crappy night. Debriefing sessions in the form of breakfast are now held regularly for mental health.
Luckily for my cardiac health, I have still been working out with my team from the academy. Which is a good thing . . . Alright boys, scoot over; the home fries won't fit on my side of the table. Good eating to y'all, and have a good morning.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Thanks Lt . . .

Occasionally in passing in a post I will mention my all time favorite fire Lt. to work for. This is the man that got me started at my first "real" fire dept., who helped get me my job at the SO and who once saved my life (literally). Labor Day weekend he invited me and some of the boys from the FD to come have a beer at his new house. As we sat on the back deck watching the kids play, there were some reflections.
I have been at this FD for five years, I was getting horribly burnt out for a variety of reasons. My Lt. had the wisdom to temporarily give me up to another unit day with brand new firefighters. Not just any probies, but a girl willing to learn and a guy that catches on quicker than most. I will never know how my Lt. knew that the way to combat my disgruntled and tired self was to give me hope. Hope in the form of probies. Who knew teaching them to cook their first firehouse meal or helping them with the EVOC could change my feelings. I miss working my Lt's unit, but I know why he did what he did.
Two years ago, my Lt. saved my life. I would not have survived without his intervention. You can never repay that debt.
This Labor Day as we sat on his deck and traded stories I thought of all the people I have ever worked for. He is by far one of the best supervisors and leaders I have ever served under.

Thanks for everything Lt.