Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I love bacon . . . and could you pass the butter?

Recently, and by this I mean approximately three hours ago; my best friend in intake and I came to a realization. We love bacon. Eggs, grits, coffee with or without cream and sugar, pancakes and butter. Apparently we have an addiction to breakfast food. I mentioned this before in my post titled Bacon and Doughnuts. Now, however I have recruited more people to my side of thinking. Pass the sugar, its been a crappy night. Debriefing sessions in the form of breakfast are now held regularly for mental health.
Luckily for my cardiac health, I have still been working out with my team from the academy. Which is a good thing . . . Alright boys, scoot over; the home fries won't fit on my side of the table. Good eating to y'all, and have a good morning.


  1. Hmmmm bacon. ....... wrapped in a pancake.....

  2. yum, bacon...In a Monte Cristo sandwich is even better!