Sunday, June 7, 2009

Things they never told you about . . .

Call me crazy but I definitely don't remember this scenario being covered in my EMT class. We get dispatched to our favorite state park, because the squad covering it is busy. . .again. By now even the new guy is starting to realize that calls to this place come with their own person brand of craziness.
We arrive for what was dispatched as female in seizures. What we find is a female diabetic who reads 14 on our glucometer. The better part? You know those fifth wheel travel trailers with the bed that is over the hitch? The ones you have to climb up to that have about 3 feet of head room? Yeah. That's where she is. Not to mention it looks like they've packed enough stuff for two months in the wilderness in this camper. I actually think it would have been easier to unpack the trailer and unload her than take her out on the backboard.
We succeeded . . . now we're all headed to the chiropractor.