Friday, January 9, 2009

On our way to the academy it all became so clear . . .

Or so I thought . . . Fun times going to the academy and then working thirds, getting about 4 hours sleep and doing it all over again. Total BS. But worth it.
Our schedules are changing in the jail. I hate change. Hate it. Hate it. But I will get over it, and I usually like the end result eventually anyways. This time it might be good. They are mixing everything up. Which is nice, I'm actually a little excited. So maybe I don't hate it.
Start your day with a new IA / do dah, do dah / The cops will pay while the inmates play / do, dah, do dah. Sorry, my bitterness is showing again. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to work in an agency that assumed you were innocent until proven guilty. Not "Hey this guy said xyz, so explain yourself. Oh, and bring your union rep. Oh, and by the way we're reassigning you. Oh, and we're reprimanding your supervisor." HE HIT ME FIRST!!!!! (The preceding scenario while based on actual events luckily does NOT involve me.)
There are days when I want to answer the phone "XYZ County Jail, Officer Doe speaking, WE'RE A LITTLE F'ING BUSY RIGHT NOW!" Nothing like trying to book new inmates, deal with trustys, try and find your supervisor so you can transfer them a call AND release people. All while wondering where in the world everyone else assigned to intake and release has disappeared to. I'm convinced there is some kind of black hole that eats intake officers and spits them out hours later. Either that or I work with the masters of work avoidance. But really, what are the odds of that?