Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I work the intake area at the county jail for a fairly large sheriff's office in the Midwest. Since I work thirds I get to meet all kinds of new and interesting people. Some of them are jerks, some of them are sweetharts and some of them are prisoners. One of my many co-workers at said intake area said this to me the other day: "Hey, your job is to yell stop resisting and type the use of force report." Oooooooooooooooook. So I was insulted, I thought he meant since I was a girl I was useless. He enlightened me: "You're the newest to this assignment, somebody else's name has to go on the use of force reports. The Major is starting to wonder about the rest of us . . ." Now this does not mean we use excessive force. It means our administration has gone crazy over thoughts of lawsuits and now I have to write a damn use of force report for every use of the restraint chair, every arm bar and every dirty look. Ok, that's excessive. Maybe not EVERY arm bar.

And so it begins . . .

Who knows if anyone will actually ever read this. Well, actually who knows if they will ever give a crap if they do read it. They may run screaming into the hills, or they might stay awhile. Look, I'm not saying I'm the most interesting thing in public safety; I'm just saying if I don't write some of this down I'll be in therapy long before retirement. So sit back, enjoy and thank God you don't have to celebrate New Year's Eve in a jail. Or, if you do at least don't try and stab your CO with an insulin needle . . . I love my job.