Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let's remember one key point . . . you called me.

I used to think that this phenomenon was restricted only to college dorms, however recent events has clearly proven it is not. One of my all time favorite things is when you roll up with the truck behind you and maybe a cop or three . . . and no one knows why you are there. No one. There are random people milling about, perhaps a small crowd and no caller. Just alot of blank stares when multiple uniformed personnel start asking, "So who called? What's the problem? Who's hurt?" It's either feast or famine. Either forty five freakin' people are flagging you down like you're trying to land on a storm tossed aircraft carrier, or you hear NOTHING. And usually you're getting flagged down to the painfully obvious; like the fully involved structure at 1400 hrs with smoke showing for miles. Thanks. Saw it. From seven blocks away.
This is becoming more and more common when we get dispatched to the "possible intoxicated subject lying on the ground." It's also becoming annoying in those gigantic apartment complexes that have letters for building names. Oh, and those letters are NEVER clearly marked but that's a post for another day about fire alarms and poor landscaping.
So let's return to the title. Let's not forget YOU called ME. I'm not psychic. You need to tell me why I'm here. And where you are.

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  1. "Medic 99, be advised, your reporting party is in another County, apparently saw the individual from their car and called after they drove home."

    And I've heard that more than once.