Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The definition of what is NOT an emergency . . .

Please, this is a PSA on what you should NOT call 911 for.

1. An earache when you have a cold, and the ER is four blocks away.

2. Chronic knee pain you have had for more than five years . . . in the middle of a snow storm that has knocked out the utilities and dumped more than a foot of snow.

3. To have the fire department change the light bulb in your oven. (Actual call, no joke)

4. An anxiety attack you had two hours ago and are over, when you have a history of anxiety.

5. To ask why your smoke detector is beeping intermittently. (Hint: Change the battery)

6. To ask what that strange sound is. (The water softener going through its cycles)(Also not a joke, actual call)

7. Because you think you might have any of the following: flu, cold, sinus infection . . .

8. For a cut or abrasion that I have to ask you where it is becuase I don't see it on my initial survey . . . because it's that small. And it quit bleeding before you called.

9. Because your DOG had a seizure.

10. Because your neighbors' lawn clippings are on your driveway . . .

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