Monday, March 23, 2009

I don't get paid to do that . . .

This morning in intake/release we were cleaning up breakfast trays when this transpired. One of the newer guys looks at me and goes, "Where the is the trustee who collects these? I'm going to call the kitchen and tell them to send his ass down here."
I managed to keep my head from exploding. Somehow. I took a deep breath, and said . . . "Are you serious? Are your arms broken, or are you really that lazy?" He looked directly at me and said,"I don't get paid to do that shit."

Let me tell you what I DON'T get paid to do. I started my career as a volunteer firefighter, I didn't get paid to risk my life. I don't get paid to get thrown up on during squad runs. I don't get paid to have urine and feces thrown at me by inmates. I don't get paid to go through the police academy to take on more risks. I don't get paid to talk to suicidal college kids at four in the morning. I don't get paid to have nightmares about calls I've been on.

I get paid to uphold the laws of the United States Constitution and the laws of my state. I get paid to protect lives and property. I get paid to deliver high quality emergency medical care. I get paid to provide adequate care and safety for the prisoners entrusted to me.

God help me if I ever do ONLY what I am paid to do. You cannot pay someone to be compassionate, have empathy or understanding. No amount of money can buy loyalty, integrity or honesty.

Never forget how many have died for simply going to work and doing their job; whether or not they got paid to do all of it.


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