Saturday, March 28, 2009

Does no one own a map!?

Argh. This story is actually not funny because some poor, scared guy had to wait probably an hour. However, it is such a cluster I feel the to vent.
Scared guy calls 911 from cell phone because even more scared wife with health problems is having an asthma attack. Cell phone call bounces off a tower in County A. County A either was smart enough to read their map, or they just punted the call. He gets transferred to County B to the south of A, where he actually lives. County B borders us on one side and is infamous for trying to pass off stuff they don't want to us. County B transfers call to County C where we reside. Apparently neither B nor C was smart enough to run the address. County C transfers to my illustrious City. The City also does not look up the address, and sends us.
As soon as the call goes out, I tell the Lt. that's in County B. We go enroute and call dispatch on the cell phone to ask if it is indeed mutual aid as we assume. We get met with a whole lot of "Uh, I don't know." Followed by a lengthy explanation of who called who and tranferred where. They just assumed County B asked us because they are tied up. Fine. Whatever. We're still responding, but it's going to take a little bit.
As we approach the County B/C line the City calls us. "Squad, be advised that this is not in our jurisdiction." (No, really?) "County B is sending a unit, however you are closer. Continue for now." We enter County B and discover that this address is considerably farther away then we thought. We advise the city to call County B and tell them we are NOT closer, continue their squad. County B finally pulls up a map and realizes something. The area there is contracted to a city in County B, NOT to the squad they originally sent to meet us.
We went in service with serious headaches from the idiocy. I hope that poor guy and his wife got their squad. What a disaster.


  1. Insert Department A into slot B, twist counterclockwise until it SNAPS!

    Golly, I had to read your post twice just to make heads or tales from it.

  2. Yeah...I realize it is a pain. Unfortunantely if I told the story with the actual county names it wouldn't make any more sense. We had to break out a map to explain the story to the Chief.

  3. Our dispatch recently sent us into an unsecured scene swearing pd was on scene. we sefely retreated but there was a very large gang fight going on. come to find out PD was around the corner waiting for more back up.