Sunday, March 29, 2009

Aren't you like, practically a doctor?

That was the question my other half asked me yesterday afternoon when I was done with the academy. Yes, I have a bachelor's degree in community health. Yes, I'm an EMT. No, I am not qualified to diagnose and prescribe.
The problem? He claims to have a sinus infection, so I have him give me all his symptoms over the phone. That being done, I take a quality stab in the dark and buy some DayQuil and some Mucinex. Because "Mr. I'm Never Sick" is probably underplaying his symptoms, I buy some Gatorade and saltines just in case. Upon arrival I discover his claim of a sinus infection is bogus. He's sick as a dog. So after the home health care attempt, I try and pursuade him to go to the doctor. No. Not so much. Not only that, SuperCop thinks that it's ok to go to work. After twenty minutes of argument he leaves, in full uniform, for work. Well that was successful.
Two hours later . . .
Either someone is breaking in or SuperCop came home sick. Oh look. His sarge sent him home. I am rewarded with a glare. To which I respond, "Told you so."

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