Saturday, April 4, 2009

Brotherhood . . .

A few years ago just as I had finished my probationary period with the city FD, the city PD's new hiring class finished the academy. Some of those officers and I became good friends. Last night, I would not have wanted to be in a fight with anyone else watching my back but them. My two all time favorite city cops were partnered together last night. Our squad gets called to a female unresponsive, passed out. We arrive onscene to find them there for other unrelated matters. Female is possibly intoxicated, drugged, or just plain CRAZY. She is naked, in someone elses house where no one knows her, with altered mental status.
All is well until we go to load her in the squad and she goes crazy on my partner and I. My two city boys come flying out of the house to see naked girl fighting two female firefighters. Let the jokes begin . . . Well we would have done ok, except crazy girl's friends decided at that time to appear out of the apartment complex behind us. So now we have five or six people charging us. Two cops. Two firefighters. Six or seven crazy drunks. We won. Multiple people went to the drunk tank. Crazy girl got arrested.

We walked away and the cops started to leave, and I thought about something.
"Hey guys, wait up."
"What's up?"
"No problem."
"No, really thanks. . . You know I love you guys."
"*awkward silence* . . . Yeah, we love you guys too."
"See? It didn't kill you to say that."


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