Monday, July 12, 2010

Clearly your brain has gone on vacation . . .

This week in a nutshell:

Woman calls me at midnight about her husband's case in federal court. Proceeds to ask me for federal court house's number. Calls back complaining because they are not open. At midnight. On a Saturday. Right.

Man shows up to post bond on wife charged with DUI. Shows up drunk. Gets pulled over on the street in front of the SO. Man arrested on DUI and warrant. Wife sees husband walk into intake and is very confused.

Man does not understand that coming to visit someone in jail who has a protection order on him will result in his immediate arrest. Requires almost an hour of explaining that while this is a jail, there is no "home base" where the protection order does not apply. Including the jail.


  1. Heh. Wow. I love it when people do dumb illegal stuff right in front of the cops.

  2. DUI at the jail, classic! people must of slept in when they were handing out the brains, common since, smarts, or they were in the wrong line. The line marked Jerry Springerville next exit.

  3. only thing better than DUI at the jail, is when they have multiple outstanding warrants! Gotta love people :)