Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cries for help . . .

During headcount a few nights ago I heard someone repeatedly call out for me. After locating the cell, an inmate runs up to the door in tears and says "I just hung up with my sister before count and she's going to kill herself."
I took the name and the address and called central communications. They sent a deputy and the fire department. She did not kill herself. The deputy kicked the door in before she succeeded.
One of the reasons I remain in public safety is I believe someone should always be there to hear cries for help. I also believe that someone should answer them.


  1. ^^^
    This is what makes you a good officer. Because you listened and you help saved a person's life.

    Stay safe

  2. Wow great job! Great timing on the followup...... (((((Gia claps for you))))

  3. You get a gold star, a cookie, and a giant hug from the Almighty upstairs. You are a hero.

  4. Strong work, sir, and very well said.

  5. GREAT JOB! So glad there was this kind of ending. I'm glad you were there to hear this cry for help.