Friday, October 16, 2009

This might be why the public thinks we're idiots . . .

I was at a training recently with some coworkers and various other people from various other departments. Said training was over search and seizure. The instructor asks this guy from my department what he knows about the 4th Amendment. The answer? Wait for it . . .

"Uh, nothing man. I mean the academy was like so five or six years ago."

Holy hell. Really? My Lt.'s eight year old son knows more about the Constitution than you do . . . It's not so much remembering the academy as having a basic working knowledge of US government and civics in general. I was trying to melt into the floor behind him before somebody noticed we had the same uniform on. No wonder they put this guy in what amounts to a clerical position at our department.

Best quote from the instructor: "I'd send you home, but you don't have a home."
Officer: "Huh? Yeah I do."
Instructor: "Nope. We took it since you have no idea what your rights are."


  1. So I came across this blog while searching for the Emergency Response Guidebook...You know, being a firefighter/EMT myself, I need to know where I can get that thing...ha-ha. I hope you don't mind that I commented, but I must say, I appreciate this blog very much. I really like this little blurb, but I really like "Geodon Speed Loaders..." Take care, be safe, and keep up the good work in the midwest.

  2. Also, you should visit It's a city bakery owned by nine police officers in the city they serve, Clare, MI. They have great pastries, and they are serving their community in more than one occupation. :o)