Saturday, May 15, 2010

Public safety partners quiz . . .

Take the following quiz and give yourself a point for every answer you can say "yes" to:
(The partner can be your husband/wife/significant other/or your work partners)

You've ever been hung up on preceded by any of the following statements:
a. We've got a run.
b. I've got a call.
c. Some dumbass just about took off the front of my cruiser.
d. I've got to go help this unit/person.

You've ever been the last one in the restaurant of your party and ever had to say:
a. They're on duty, they have a call.
b. Sorry, we're on call.
c. Could we have that to go?

You've ever been woken up to a phone call that starts:
a. Did you know I had court?
b. What are you doing right now? (Extra point if the answer has ever been, "SLEEPING.")
c. I forgot something, can you bring it to work?

You are perfectly comfortable with long silences in phone conversations due to:
a. Someone running a tag.
b. Answering the radio.
c. The other person typing/eating/yelling loudly at traffic.

Any of the following is in your personal vehicle/work vehicle:
a. Disposable gloves.
b. Extra handcuff keys/handcuffs
c. Extra uniform parts.
d. Anything your partner has had to move off of their seat and rolled their eyes about.

More than five? Congratulations, and welcome to the edge of reality.


  1. I have 10, does that put me over the edge? :)

  2. Eh, I'm pretty sure I can give myself a point for almost all of them and I'm still mostly "normal." I say you're good.

  3. 17 of 18 for me... the only one I never used was "they're on a call," since I was usually one of the "them."

    BB, you outdid yourself this time.

    Oh, you forgot performing the Heimlich on yourself, preferably while responding to a call (yeah, that's the voice of experience).

  4. I scored a 14....not sure what that says about me :)