Friday, July 17, 2009

Jailhouse doctors, rubber cement and you . . .

The final countdown!!! Graduation is next week!! Yay! Then I am officially a real cop . . . who works in a jail. Yeah, I know. Don't rub it in.

So this guy comes in the jail and starts telling me how he diagnosed all his health problems on his own. He obviously did good research, as proven by the following statement: "I have grandma seizures." Right. I'll let her know.

I realize I look young for my age but it's been awhile since I've been carded for alcohol. Consequently I don't always carry my ID in the grocery store. Apparently, this is a mistake. At a national chain who might rhyme with "wall dart," I attempted to buy *gasp* rubber cement. I am in my mid-twenties, in uniform. The clerk's response? "Uh, you're right on the border of looking eighteen. I need to see some ID."
Are you freakin' serious? Really? For rubber cement? While I'm in uniform? Whatever . . .


  1. Many many many years ago in a midwestern town I formerly lived in, I was the fire probie. After a long hot day setting up a house to burn, I was dispatched to obtain beer for us vollies to imbibe to mark the completion of the job, whereas the paid guys made do with N.A. coolant. (Remember, many years ago, small midwestern town!) Anyway, I sauntered into the store in full Class B uniform, grabbed a couple cases, and got carded. I also looked young for my age. And dang it all, I forgot my ID. Forced to return empty handed. Just for the record, it is bad form for the probie to return empty handed because he still looks like he is 17. I was 'The Kid' forever.

  2. it gives the clerk a laugh to card the "popo"

  3. I didn't realize they were carding these days for rubber cement. What did you need it for? Collage? I can't even think of what it's used for anymore. But I see it in the school supply section.