Saturday, May 30, 2009

Really? . . . I mean, really?

So as a nice addition to this post we have the following. A friend of mine parked his cruiser sideways across a two lane road at an injury accident. We landed a medical helicopter in the field beyond. Someone drives around three other cruisers, our fire department staff car, a rescue truck and a tow truck to ask him a question. The question?

"Can you move your cruiser so I can get through?"

As my Sgt. would say, "What are the odds?"


  1. I hope e left with a citation.....

  2. The Great American Motoring Public.

    On the other hand, without them, we'd all have to get real jobs.

  3. Oh please dear GOD tell me what the response was to that moron!!!

  4. i love it, for the sheer idiocy of it all!!!
    I actually saw a highway patrol officer running a traffic break on a large highway, then park his cruiser diagonally across all the lanes and get out to remove dangerous debris from the road. While most of us stopped, one /ahem/ driver in the far right lane kept on going. He got a nasty look and something from the officer, and the driver stopped. After about three of these "traffic break stops" to remove debris at varying locations along the highway, the officer finally let the rest of us go but the disobedient driver got pulled over and from the looks of it a ticket too. yay!