Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Just go with it ok?

In reference to pursuit policies: "Chase him to the river!! Hell, go get a boat ready and chase him UP the river!!"

In reference to me locating heroin on a prisoner: "That's not mine!! He searched me before we came in!! You put it there! If it was mine I would have thrown it under the cruiser seat and you would have never found it!!" "Yeah well, it's still a felony. Shut up."

What my partner wanted to put in a patient narrative for an incredibly intoxicated and horribly obnoxious female: "CRAZY B****. NO CHANGE DURING TX."

My Sgt. in reference to a prisoner: "Go hand deliever her to her family. Now. Before we get sued or something else stupid happens."

In reference to interrogation techniques: "So how's the weather?" "Yeah, I killed that guy."

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